Liquid sounding / resistance sensitive synth

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Project was developed exclusively for the BILAGA special edition.

BILAGA is a publishing project by artists Mari Lagerquist & Lina Persson. BILAGA is a quarterly deliver mail-art to the subscribers, who receive limited editions of text art, concrete poetry, cut-ups, manual art, objects, collage, printed matter etc. into their mild box four times per year.


by Robertina Šebjanič #2 2015

A simple circuit, hand-made pcb in a limited edition of 50 however each piece is unique.

The work consists of an oscillator and a resistive sensor. The output is a blinking led light and a small piezo speaker that produces sound when the circuit is complete.

List of components:
1x PSB (jellyfish circuit)
1x 4093 chip (black cube with 14 legs)
1x piezo speaker
1x 100k capacitor (yellow cube)
1x LED
1x 9v battery socket

Extra items you will need to make it work:
You will need soldering iron, soldering station, some tools and 9V battery.

How to make it:
Please have a look at the schematic.


Some hints to help you:

Solder the chip first and be careful that is turned into the right position, do orient by the a small (half)spherical point on a chip, that has to be oriented to the jellyfish hat. LED component is polarised, that means you need to solder them in a specific orientation – follow the pluses (+) and minuses (-) on the schematic. Be aware where to put the battery socket and piezo speaker (the red wire is + and the black – (ground). When you finish with the soldering, plug the battery and touch the jellyfish by the tentacles and enjoy making sound with it.

05 BILAGA Liquid sounding _ Aurelia 1+hz _ resistance sensitive synth03 BILAGA Liquid sounding _ Aurelia 1+hz _ resistance sensitive synth

*The pcb for the device was developed by Marc Dusseiller and colleagues ala Hackteria style:

Watch the work when finalized:



From Ljubljana by buss to Venice, from Venice to Rome with train and from Rome to Gothenburg by plane and finally dispersed in the mail system to a wide variety of addresses. Robertinas jellyfish synths have travelled long distant without touching water.



Photos of the making the pcb at the Ljudmila lab:


imag4173 imag4184 imag4178 aurelia-bilagaimg_0128