Robertina Sebjanic - Aurelia 1+Hz
Robertina Šebjanič is an internationally awarded artist, whose work revolves around the biological, chemical, political and cultural realities of aquatic environments and explores humankind’s impact on other species and on the rights of non-human entities, while calling for strategies emphatic towards other species to be adopted. In her analysis of the theoretical framework of the Anthropocene, the artist uses the term ‘aquatocene’  and ‘aquaforming’ to refer to humans’ impact on aquatic environments.

Robertina Šebjanič (SI) based in Ljubljana. Her art – research focus is since several years into cultural, (bio)political, chemical and biological realities of aquatic environments, which serves as a starting point to investigate and tackle the philosophical questions on the intersection of art, technology and science.Her ideas and concepts are often realized in collaboration with others, through interdisciplinary and informal integration in her work. She was awarded with Honorary Mention @Prix Ars Electronica 2016, STARTS2020 and  STARTS2016 nomination and nomination for the White Aphroid award. Robertina was SHAPE platform 2017 artist. 2018 she was a resident artist at Ars Electronica (EMARE / EMAP). Her art work Aurelia 1+Hz / proto viva generator (artist proof) is since 2019 part of the the BEEP Electronic Art Collection, Spain.
She exhibited / performed at solo and group exhibitions as well as in galleries and festivals: Ars electronica Linz, Kosmica festival_ Laboratorio Arte Alameda_Mexico City, La Gaîté Lyrique_ Paris, Le Cube_Paris, MONOM_ CTM Berlin, Art Laboratory Berlin, ZKM_Karlsruhe, re:publica_Berlin, Mladi Levi_Ljubljana, Centro de Cultura Digita_ Mexico City, Piksel_Bergen, OSMO/ZA_Ljubljana, Device art 5.015 at Klovičevi dvori_Zagreb, Eastern Bloc_Montreal, Eyebeam_New York, PORTIZMIR#3_ Izmir, Kiblix festival_Maribor, Spektrum_Berlin, KIKK festival_ Namur, +MSUM (Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova)_Ljubljana and more….
Robertina Šebjanič /based in Ljubljana/ is working in the cross field of art – technology – science.  Šebjanič is working the fields of living systems (bio-art) and sound art,  dealing predominantly with the cultural, political and biological realities of marine and aquatic environments, not least for their obscured visions in the human imaginaries.
 Her art – research focus is since several years oriented towards the project developed in the field of Living systems (bio-art), AV performances, noise/sound art, installations and interactive ambiental responsive immersive environments.
The context for her ideas and concepts is often realized in collaboration with other authors (artist, scientist, humanist, makers, hackers…), and through interdisciplinary and informal integration embodies in her work.
Her previous projects range between rethinking of future speculations of new trans-species (Humalga), animal-machine-human relationships, regenerative medicine and the “hunt for eternal youth” and inter-species communication (series of works Aurelia 1+Hz), sonification of the chemical process (Time Displacement)  and pointing out underwater noise pollution and its potential ecological consequences / challenges (Aquatocene).
Robertina was a  member of  Theremidi orchestra and Hackteria Network
She was awarded with Honorary Mention @Prix Ars Electronica 2016 Interactive Art+  for the project  Aurelia 1+Hz / proto viva sonification, nomination for STARTS2020 for project aqua_forensic and nomination  STARTS2016  for the project Time displacement /Chemobrionic garden and nomination for the White Aphroid award for the projectAquatocene / Subaquatic quest for serenity.  Robertina was SHAPE platform artist 2017. 2018 she was a resident artist at Ars Electronica (EMARE / EMAP). In 2007 Robertina got award of Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. 
Her art work Aurelia 1+Hz / proto viva generator (artist proof) is since 2019 part of the the BEEP Electronic Art Collection from Reus in Spain.
She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana (SI),Famul Stuart School of Applied Arts in Ljubljana (SI) as well as at the Valand School of Fine Arts in Gothenburg (SE).
Robertina is internationally exhibited artist. She presented / a- v performed / exhibited at solo and group exhibitions as well as in gallery’s,  biennials, triennials and festivals:
Ars electronica Linz, La Gaîté Lyrique_ Paris, MONOM_ CTM Berlin, Eastern Bloc Montreal, Art Laboratory Berlin, Mladi Levi Bunker Ljubljana, Kosmica festival_ Laboratorio Arte Alameda_Mexico City , Spektrum_Berlin, KIKK festival_ Namur, OSMO/ZA_Ljubljana, Ms Wissenschaft and  Stadtwerkstatt_Linz,Le Cube & Decalab_Paris, Pixel festival_Bergen, Device art 5.015 – Kontejner at Klovičevi dvori_Zagreb,  Rencontres at Bandits-Mages_Bourgers,  Touch me festival by Kontajner at Klovičevi dvori_Zagreb,Centro de Cultura Digita_ Mexico City, Eyebeam & CT-SWaM_New York, PORTIZMIR#3 -Triennale of contemporary art_ Izmir, AMRO festival_ Linz, Kiblix festival_Maribor, Gallery Kapelica_Ljubljana, Prima Gallery_Berlin, Paraflows festival_Vienna, Liwoli festival_Linz, Gallery SC_Zagreb, Netaudio festival_London, Likovni salon Gallery_Celje, Gallery Akatraz_Ljubljana, Haip festival_Ljubljana, Amber festival_Istanbul, The Museum of contemporary art of Vojvodina_Novi Sad, Gallery KiBela-Kibla_Maribor, SCCA_Ljubljana, Pixel festival_Bergen, Škuc Gallery_Ljubjana, City Art Gallery_Ljubljana, +MSUM_U3, 7th Triennial of Contemporary Art in Slovenia_Ljubljana, Device_Art 3.009_Zagreb, Diocletian Palace Substations, at Croatian Visual Artist Association_Split etc..
2021 residency at Kino Šiška, Ljubljana
2020 / 2021 research residency at PiNA laboratory Koper, RUK, IZIS festival
2020 online group residency in Working Group “Staying in touch: post-coronavirus art curating” developed on behalf of Cultivamos Cultura in the framework of Biofriction by the working group Art Shows and Public Health leaded by Dalila Honorato and composed by Robertina Šebjanič, Louise Mackenzie, Karolina Żyniewicz and Isabel Burr Raty
2019 resident artist at RV Celtic Explorer in frame of Aerial/Sparks project, Galway 2020
2018 resident artist at Ars Electronica (EMARE / EMAP), with project aqua_forensic (collaboration with Gjino Šutić)
2017 resident artist at Arte+Ciencia at UNAM, lead by María Antonia González Valerio with assistance of Roberto Rojas Madrid, development of the project Lygophilia / Transfixed gaze
2017 micro residency Critical Tourism 2: Aquatocene / Escaping Sound Pollution by Annick Bureaud and Robertina Sebjanic  at grey area . siva zona
2016 resident artist at art – science research residency at  Station biologiue de Roscoff – Roscoff Marine Station, organized by PING and curated by Ewen Chardronnet.
2014resident artist and a leading conceptualist/ methodolog of the field work Deep Blue in Izmir, Turkey within the Triennial of Contemporary Art PORTIZMIR3, curated by Saša Nabergoj.
2014 resident artist in the residency program “The Soft, the Hard and the Wet” at Eleonore, Stadtwerkstatt curated by Shu Lea Cheang.
In 2013, Robertina was part of organization team and participant of HackteriaLab Bangalore. In 2014 she participated at HacteriaLab Yogyakarta.
Her video works are part of several video collections, among them of  Station DIVA presents (a historical overview – 15 works of Slovenian video art ), Videospotting , One minute video, HEP (Human Emotion Project from 2009 onwards), etc.
She was a member of an informal group TEMP and member of the board of editors of Pojmovnika slovenske umetnosti po letu 1945 / The Glossary of Slovene Art from 1945.
In 2012 she organized Interactivos?’12 Ljubljana: Obsolete Technologies of the Future at LJUDMILA digital media lab in Ljubljana, where she was between 2008 and 2012  programme manager. Between January 2013 till July 2014 she was working as a mission and programme developer at KSEVT – Cultural Centre of European Space Technologies.
e-mail: robertina . sebjanic (at) gmail . com
twitter | vimeo |soundcloud bandcamp | instagram | facebook
photo by Uroš AbramRobertina Sebjanic photo by Uroš Abram
Robertina Šebjanič  (1975) je intermedijska umetnica.  Vsebinsko svoje ideje in koncepte pogosto realizira v sodelovanju z drugimi avtorji, zato njena dela utelešajo interdisciplinarnost in neformalno integracijo. V svojih delih se ukvarja z vzpostavitevijo razmerij med humanističnimi in naravoslovnimi znanostmi ter tehnologijo (umetnostjo – tehnologijo – znanostjo).  Njeno raziskovanje je v zadnjih letih predvsem usmerjeno na področje živih sistemov, AV performansov ter zvočnih umetnosti in postavitve interaktivnih ambientalnih odzivnih okolij. Robertina je soustanoviteljica in aktivna članica skupine Theremidi orchestra (2011-2018) in  je članica mednarodne mreže Hackteria network (od leta 2013).
2016 je prejela za delo Aurelia 1+Hz /proto viva sonification častno omembo  – Honorary mention Prix Ars Eletronika za kategorijo Interactive Art+  in STARTS 2016 nomination  za projekt Time Displacement  / Chemobrionic Garden in nominacijo za Beli Aphroid za porjekt  Aquatocene.  Je del platforme SHAPE 2017 . 2018 je bila rezidenčna umetnica Ars Electronice (EMARE / EMAP), z projektom aqua_forensic (sodelavec Gjino Šutić).V letu 2007 je prejela  nagrado akademije za likovno umetnost.
Njeno delo Aurelia 1+Hz / proto viva generator (artist proof) je od leta 2019 del BEEP Electronic Art Collection (BEEP kolekcije elektronske umetnost) iz Reus-a v Španiji. 
Robertina Šebjanič je študirala na Akademiji za likovno umetnost in oblikovanje in na Šoli uporabnih umetnosti Famul Stuart, obe sta v Ljubljani, v Sloveniji. V študijskem letu 2005 / 2006 je bila na študentski izmenjavi na Valin School of Fine Arts v Gothenburgu na Švedskem.
Svoja dela predstavlja na mnogih samostojnih in skupinskih razstavah in v okviru mednarodnih razstav in festivalov med drugim tudi:  Eastern Bloc – Montreal / Ars Eletronica, – Linz / Kosmica festival – Laboratorio Arte Alameda, Mexico City / MONOM_ CTM Berlin / Forum Camp (PING) Nantes / KIBLIX festival -Maribor / MFRU festival – Maribor / Art laboratory Berlin / Stadtwerkstatt – Linz/ Le Cube – Pariz / PortIzmir3 – K2 -Izmir / Touch me_Klovičevi dvori_Kontejner – Zagreb /  Galerija Kapelica – Ljubljana / Eyebeam – NYC / HackteriaLab – Yogyakarta / Share – NYC / Front Gallery – NYC / Bandits-Mages Rencontres 2014 _ Bourges / 7. trienale slovenske umetnosti U3, +MSUM- Ljubljana / HackteriaLab – Bangalore /  Piksel festival – Bergen / Festival Accès(s)_ Pau / Device art_Kontejner – Zagreb / Prima Gallery– Berlin / Galerija SC -Zagreb / Netaudio Festival– London / Likovni salon Celje / Galerija Alkatraz– Ljubljana / Paraflows– Dunaj / Haip– Ljubljana / Amber– Istanbul / Muzej sodobne umetnosti Vojvodine v Novem Sadu / Galerija KiBela, Kibla – Maribor / SCCA – Ljubljana / Share – Beograd / BRGS_ Antwerp itd….
Njena video dela so v mnogih video kolekcijah prikazovana na referenčnih mednarodnih prizoriščih, med drugim v : HEP (HUMAN EMOTION PROJECT od 2009 – ), Videospotting etc…Med drugim je njeno video delo predstavljeno znotraj projekta: DIVA Station (SCCA Slovenia) historični izbor slovenske video umetnosti od 1983 to 2007.
2021 umetniška Kino Šiška, Ljubljana
2020 raziskovalna rezidenca PiNA lab Koper, RUK, IZIS festival
2020 na svetovnem spletu:  Working Group “Staying in touch: post-coronavirus art curating” developed on behalf of Cultivamos Cultura in the framework of Biofriction by the working group Art Shows and Public Health leaded by Dalila Honorato and composed by Robertina Šebjanič, Louise Mackenzie, Karolina Żyniewicz and Isabel Burr Raty  
2019 je bila rezidenčna umetnica  na RV Celtic Explorer, projekt ArielSparks, Galway 2020
2018 je bila rezidenčna umetnica Ars Electronice (EMARE / EMAP), z projektom aqua_forensic (sodelavec Gjino Šutić).
2017 rezidenca Arte+Ciencia pri UNAM v Meksiko city v sodelovanju z Centro de Investigaciones Biológicas y Acuicolas de Cuemanco (CIBAC) in festivalom Transitio_MX 07.
2017 mini rezidenca kritični turizem: Aquatocene, Siva Cona, Korčula
2016 je bila na rezidenci na Morski biološki postaji Roscoff v Franciji.
2014 je bila rezidentka na ladji Eleonore v Linzu, Avstrija v organizaciji Stadtwerkstatt-a in sorganizaciji Ars Elektronike.
2014 je bila mentor, metodolog in umetnik delovne skupine Globoka modrina / Deep Blue v Izmirju, Turčija v okviru trienala sodobne umetnosti PORTIZMIR3. Februarja in marca  2014 je bila na rezidenci pri organizaciji K2 v Izmirju, Turčiji
2014 je bila udeleženka HackteriaLab Yogyakarta, Indonezija.
2013 je bila sorganizator in udeleženka HackteriaLab Bangalore, Indija.
Od januarja 2013 do junija 2014 je bila razvijalka misij in programov v Kulturnem centru evropskih vesoljskih tehnologij KSEVT, kjer je med drugim bila tudi asitentka produkcije pri  izvedbi projekta PROBLEM VOŽNJE PO VESOLJU – SUPRE:ARHITEKTURA, ki je predstavlja R. Slovenijo na Arhitekturnem bienalu v Benetkah 2014.
Med 2008 in 2012 je bila programska koordinatorica in vodja umetniško izobraževalnih dejavnosti na LJUDMILI digital media lab v Ljubljani, kjer je leta 2012 organizirala mednarodni dogodek Interactivos?’12 Ljubljana: Zastarele tehnologije prihodnosti.
Leta 2007 je prejela nagrado ljubljanske Akademije za likovno umetnost in oblikovanje.
2006–2009: članica uredniške odbora Pojmovnika slovenske umetnosti po letu 1945.
2005–2006: kot članica skupine Temp je sodelovala pri javnih intervencijah in instalacijah na področju razvojnih strategij alternative uporabe zapuščenih prostorov.
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Aquatocene solo concert of the new sub-label SonoLiminal / Inexhaustible Editions, FriForma, Osmo/za, Ljubljana
MONOM in frame of the CTM festival program; sonic cinema: Lost Space: Subaquatic Ocean by William Russell and Robertina Šebjanič with musical contributions from FLORA (Jonas V. Ronnberg, Anna Melina)
Steklenik gallery  at  Tivoli Greenhouse a solo sound exhibition: Sound Disposition / Crystal gardens by Robertina Šebjanič, Aleš Hieng – Zergon, Ida Hiršenfelder
Gallery Tobačna 001 a solo exhibition: Aquatic twilight / Lygophilia by Robertina Šebjanič, curated by Alenka Trebušak
aqua_forensic  by Robertina Šebjanič and  Gjino Šutić  with guest Veronika Liebl (Ars Electronica) at OSMO/ZA
SubAquatic Songs _Aquaformations online presentation of new upcoming work by joint collaboration, Robertina Šebjanič (artist/researcher) and Sofia Crespo (artist & specialist in machine learning / artificial intelligence)
The project Lygophilia Session: ArtBox (Day 1) // Speakers: Robertina Sebjanic, Annick Bureaud, María Antonia González Valerio, Polona Tratnik at the International conference “Taboo – Transgression – Transcendence in Art & Science”, TTT2020 Vienna/Online
Onassis Cultural Centre:  work by Robertina Šebjanič and Gjino Šutić aqua_forensic part of a group exhibition: Creatures in a series of tubes on Mozila Hubs, online exhibition 
LIVE Webinar with Robertina Šebjanič and Adeline Seah: “Beyond LYGOPHILIA/PISCIS LUDICROUS/ TRANSFIXED GAZE – Multispecies Explorations with an Artist and a Biologist” at Singapore Eco Film festival 2020 
Singapore Eco Film Festival 2020, Piscis ludicrous / Transfixed Gaze_Lygophilia by Robertina Šebjanič shown in selection of short films 
Aquaformations, lectures and workshop with students of  Art & Science Master’s program, ITMO University St.Petersburg
Eko Lab Pula online presentation of ADRIATIC GARDEN: underwater and underwater sound ambiance of the Adriatic Sea by Robertina Šebjanič
in frame of festival Speculum Artium, a gorup exhibition Empathy (re)loading  by curator Alenka trebušak and selector Robertina Šebjanič with works by: Marco Barotti, Sanela Jahić, Maša Jazbec, Luce Moreau, Nonument Group (Neja Tomšič, Miloš Kosec , Martin Bricelj Baraga), Constanza Piña Pardo, Anaïs Tondeur, Vivian Xu 
artist talk at Music Tech fest – MTF  at Aveiro, Portugal
at the”Łaźnia” Centre for Contemporary Art and online. Discussion about Victoria Vesna’s “Noise Aquarium” project. The panelists: Victoria Vesna, Martina R. Fröschl, Robertina Šebjanič, Yolande Harris, Ari Friedlaender, Sławomir Kwasniewski, Zygmunt Klusek and Anna Nacher. 
Lygophilia, video essay by Robertina Šebjanič on a group exhibition in MAINS D’ŒUVRES Il n’y a plus de saisons, Paris
aqua_forensic part of group exhibition STARTS Prize ’20. Speculating on the Future through Art and Science, Bozar, Brussels
aqua_forensic work by Robertina Šebjanič and Gjino Šutić part of group exhibition on festival Touch me – EMAP – Living Beings and Their Dangerous Liaisons, organised by Kontejner
in frame of talks at SONICA festival in Ljublajna at SIGIC – a round table : Export MUSIC Slovenia The panelists: Andraž Kajzer, Bodgan Benigar, Robertina Šebjanič, Peter Baroš
Atlantic tales: SELACHOPHILIA: CETORHINUS MAXIMUS – LIMARIA HIANS on group exhibition on Island Inis Oirr in Ireland, project Arieal/Sparks  curated by Louise Manifold in frame of 2020 Galway 2020 European Capital of Culture
aquatocene, Riologia by Robertina Šebjanič and aqua_forensic by Robertina Šebjanič and Gjino Šutič are part of group exhibition Living object – Živi objekt at City Art Gallery Ljubljana (Mestna galerija Ljubljana), curated by Alenka Trebušak
aqua_forensic part of group exhibition Emap / Emare: Quarantine Art workshop Lazareti organised by Kontejner and UR Institute
Adriatic garden, aqua_forensic and SonoAdriatic Tales,  Ars Electronica in Linz, Koper, Dubrovnik and online full programme more:
Ars Electronica Garden Paris – The Traveling Plant Garden by A. Bureaud (FR), T. Kourochkina (ES/RU), M. de Menezes (PT), Claudia Schnugg (AT), R. Šebjanič (SI)
Ars electronica garden Galway, round table:  Aerial/Sparks :: Reports on waves, Remote sensing: mythologies and sciences by DR Chris McGonigle (IE) Robertina Šebjanič (SI), Louise Manifold (IE)
aqua_forensic by Robertina Šebjanič and Gjino Šutić is part of group exhibitionVida Futura (Future Life)  at LABoral Centro de Arte, curator: Karin Ohlenschläger
Gallery Božidar jakac, Kostnjevica at Lapidarium, a group exhibition curated by Miha Colner, presenting also my series of works Lygophilia
Biofriction – online performance: Stay in touch, a result of online residency in Frame of Biofriction platform // Workgroup members of Arts Shows and Public Health:  Louise Mackenzie (UK), Isabel Burr Raty (BE), Karolina Żyniewicz (PO), Dalila Honorato (GR), Marta De Menezes (PT), Robertina Šebjanič (SI) and Pavel Tavares (PT/BR)
Radio Nopal, with Lena Ortega and Robertina Šebjanič: SIN SUPERFICIE: AVIACENO & AQUATOCENO, Tales of birds and crustaceans
radioCona: Storyscapes SE FM exhibition, sound work talks with Grey Heron by Robertina Šebjanič part of SOUNDCAMP / Reveil2020
Dutch Design Week 2019, Aquatocene as part of the program In The Age of Post Drought curated by Transnatural
Kud Mreža and its FriFormA\V program at osmo/za  by Ida Hirsenfelder  & Manja Ristic & Robertina Šebjanič and an audiovisual by Katja Oberlintner & Ina Puntar.
FACT /group exhibition/ Oceans 4.0 Marco Barotti, Anna Dumitriu and Alex May, Robertina Šebjanič and Gjino Šutić
performance Aquatocene at Eye film museum, in program of Transnatural – In the Age of Post-Drought. The program includes a film by Nicky Assmann and Joris Strijbos and performances by TeZ Maurizio Martinucci & Federico Murgia and me.
Aurelia 1+Hz / proto viva generator is part of a group exhibition (Al)most alive, after all  Young Gallery Weekend at Arts Santa Mònica, by NewArtFoundation, Hangar, BEEP Electronic Art Collection.
Sound Disposition / Crystal gardens by Robertina Šebjanič, Aleš Hieng – Zergon, Ida Hiršenfelder, part of group exhibition Danube dialogues 2019 / contemporary art festival in Novi sad
aquatocene, is part of group exhibition: “Critical Tide” at Design Museum’s Gallery, Helsinki
Ars electronica festival, at the Postcity on exhibition with project Aurelia 1+Hz / proto viva generator 2.0, at Gallery spaces in frame of  BEEP Electronic Art Collection.
aqua_forensic (collaboration Robertina Šebjanič and Gjino Šutič) part of exhibition of  GOGBOT festival for creative technology.
Vestibular S. Observatory in collaboration with Arnout Meijer at the festival Into The Great Wide Open  in collaboration with and Transnatural Amsterdam
7th festival IZIS – Invasion a group exhibition curated by Marko Vivoda – porduction PINA || Robertina Šebjanič, Aleš Hieng – Zergon, Ida Hiršenfelder with work Time Displacement  / Chemobrionic Garden
Riologia new commission work by Robertina Šebjanič within a frame of Mutant Institute of Environmental Narratives [Instituto Mutante de Narrativas Ambientales – IMNA  – Cyborg garden as part of exhibition Eco-Visionaries at Matadero in Madrid.
Citizen science workshop with 600 volunteers from L’Oreal at the Manzanares river in Madrid done in the frame of a Riologia new commission work by Robertina Šebjanič within a frame of Mutant Institute of Environmental Narratives [Instituto Mutante de Narrativas Ambientales – IMNA  – Cyborg garden as part of exhibition Eco-Visionaries at Matadero in Madrid.
WRO Biennale with work aqua_forensic by Robertina Šebjanič and Gjino Šutič
Mirage Festival 7e édition ─ Turbulences, presenting work aqua_forensic (Robertina Šebjanič & Gjino Šutić)
Experiment Zukunft (Experiment Future) at Kunsthalle Rostock (The Rostock Art Gallery) group exhibition curated by Susanne Jaschko || Robertina Šebjanič, Aleš Hieng – Zergon, Ida Hiršenfelder with work Time Displacement  / Chemobrionic Garden
Art Laboratory Berlin, as part of HYDRO PERFORMANCE Night. Performances, Talks with New Cassettes and Vinyls! With Kat Austen, Robertina Šebjanič (Aquatocene) und Fara Peluso.
Transnatural In The Age of Post-Drought (group exhibition), Robertina Šebjanič (Aquatocene)
+MSUM, Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova, Ljubljana  (Piscis ludicrous / Transfixed Gaze – Lygophilia)
OSMO/ZA gallery, Ljubljana (Neotenous dark dwellers – Lygophilia)
aMORE festival, cinema pou Poreč (Aquatocene – opening av performance)
esc medien kultur labor, Graz, Assonance of Drops (Dark Drops and Time Displacement / Chemobrionic Garden)
El cine rev [b] elado, CA2M – Art Center May 2, Móstoles – Madrid (Aquatocene)
N-Festival: Espacios de especies, Centro de Cultura Digital (CCD), Mexico City (Lygophilia)
Ars Electronica Export at the DRIVE. Volkswagen Group Forum: ERROR – The Art of Imperfection exhibition (aqua_forensic)
Bandits-Mages Mending the Fabric of the World, (aqua_forensic)
Impakt, A World Without Us, Utrecht (aqua_forensic)
KIKK festival, Species and Beyond, Namur (Aurelia 1+Hz / proto viva generator)
Foundation Maison des Sciences de l’Homme, AnthropOcean, oceanics imaginaries, Paris (Aquatocene)
Topographies of Sound, Škuc Gallery, Ljubljana (Dark Drops)
MFRU festival at Photogallery Stolp, Maribor (Aquatocene)
The Universal Sea – Pure or Plastic? at Hybrid Art Space in Budapest (Aquatocene)
Speculum Artium festival, Trbovlje, Slovenia (Aquatocene)
Ars Electronica festival in Linz (aqua_forensic)
Ars Electronica festival in Linz (Aquatocene)
58th Annale Poreč, at Pučko otvoreno učilište Poreč and Istarska Sabornica (Aquatocene and Dark Drops)
La Gaité Lyrique, Capitaine futur et La Supernature, Paris (Aurelia 1+Hz / proto viva generator)
Art Science Salon (Laser), Tacoma University of Puget Sound, Washington (Liquid Culture)
Futurology, Mestna galerija Nova Gorica, curated by Nadja Zgonik (Aquatocene)
Spektrum, Berlin (Aurelia 1+Hz / proto viva sonification)
ICEbreakerFM, 88.8 MHz FM, Ljubljana (Black Drops)
Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, Nous ne sommes pas le nombre que nous croyons être (Fondation Daniel et Nina Carasso), (Aquatocene)
Pionirski dom, festival of science Hokus Pokus, Ljubljana (Aurelia 1+Hz / proto viva sonification)
2018 artist talks / lectures / workshops
“Taboo – Transgression – Transcendence in Art & Science”  TTT in the panel ECO – narratives, at Centro Cultura Digital, Mexico city  // Curated panel 1: Eco-Narratives Speakers: Victoria Vesna (UCLA, USA) Kathy High (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA) Robertina Šebjanič (Independent, Slovenia) Cosima Herter (Independent, Canada) Curator: Dalila Honorato (Ionian University, Greece) 
DCAC 2018 – The International Conference on Digital Culture & AudioVisual Challenges,  hosted by the Department of Audio & Visual Arts (Ionian University), Corfu (Greece) (guest speaker)
ENSA – École Nationale Supérieure d’Art de Bourges as part of Recontes Bandits-Mages (aqua_forensic 4 day workshop, Robertina Šebjanič & Gjino Šutić)
The Universal Sea – Pure or Plastic?!  station in Amsterdam – part of WeMakeThe.City Festival (artist talk)
Tacoma University of Puget Sound, Washington (workshop Inflatable Synthetic Squid Skin Design- Liquid Culture / cephalopods by Aisen Caro Chacin and Robertina Sebjanic)
KIKK festival, Namur (artist talk)
Ars Electronica, Linz (artist talk, guest speaker at STARTS conference, expert tour)
OSMO/ZA in Ljubljana panel discussion Neotenous dark dwellers (Lygophilia)  // Speakers: Carlos Pascual (writer), Gregor Aljančič and Magdalena Năpăruș-Aljančič (Tular Cave Laboratory – Jamski laboratorij Tular), Robertina Sebjanic (artist), Annick Bureaud (curator and art critic, director Leonardo/Olats).
LadHyX Polytechnique The Hydrodynamics laboratory of the École polytechnique, Paris (artist talk)
Gallery Močvara,  Kontejner, Zagreb (Time Displacement / Chemobrionic Garden)
Strictly Analog, Ljubljana (Liquefaction)
inSonic 2017, ZKM, Karlsruhe (Aquatocene)
Transitio_MX, Centro Multimedia celebrado en Centro Nacional de las Artes (CENART), curated by Pedro Soler (Lygophilia)
Cynetart, Dresden (Aurelia 1+Hz / proto viva sonification)
TESLA Award opening evenig, MOTA at City Museum Ljubljana (Aquatocene)
SONICA 2017, Cukrarna, Ljubljana  (Aquatocene)
Art Gallery Siva Zona / gray), Korčula,  Underwater: Escaping Sound Pollution, Art Gallery Siva Zona / gray)
Radio Cona:wolFMoon, Ljubljana (Dark Drops)
2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 artist talks / lectures / workshops
Lecture at the coference Nonhuman agents in Art, Culture and Theory – conference at Art Laboratory Berlin, featuring artists, scientists and scholars from the humanities. Robertina Šebjanič will take part on the 26th of November with the lecture / presentation: Sounds of Troubled Worlds = Songs for Serenity.
Lecture at / talk about the project Aquatocene / Subaquatic quest for the serenity at a symposium on „Fluid Visualisation and Sound Matters“ at the Angewandte Innovation Lab (AIL)
lecture at the Department of Social Sciences and Humanities, Lerma Campus at The Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana (UAM),
Lecture at Arte+Ciencia on the La Facultad de Filosofía y Letras de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM),
“Lab-X”, a spring workshop session and lectures for students of School of design and innovation, the college of management academic studies in Tel Aviv, Israel;
University of applied science FH JOANNEUM in Graz, Austria,  
School for Arts, University of Nova Gorica, Pixelpoint festival – workshops and lectures Senescence: Future Vision of Anthropocene lecture & workshop by Robertina Šebjanič at the  School of Arts – University of Nova Gorica; workshop sessions: DIY Microscope and BIOBOX / Roscoff worm educational kit – initiation into marine biology – an Educational kit designed by the Roscoff Biological Station, France,  with invited guest lecture by Miha Colner: Perceptions of Ecology.
Parsons The New School, New York (artist talk)
Art Laboratory Berlin (Aural Presence with projects Aurelia 1+Hz and Aquatocene)
Freies Theather, Innsbruck  (Aurelia 1+Hz / proto viva sonification)
ZVO.ČI.TI DUO, Zavod CONA, Kino Šiška, Ljubljana
Galeri 54, Inägor & utmarker,, Gothenburg (Time Displacement / Chemobrionic Garden)
Pixxelpoint festival, Mestna Galerija Nova Gorica, (Senescence: Liquid Time Capsule)
Kiblix festival, Maribor  (Aquatocene)
ForumCamp at PING, Nantes (Liquefaction)
Kosmica festival, Laboratorio Arte Alameda, Mexico City(Aquatocene)
Kosmica festival, Cosmovitral,  Toluca, (Aquatocene)
7 October till 30 November, Maribor
MIG21  -migratory interdisciplinary grid 21
, Kibla Portal, Maribor (Aquatocene)
Ars Electronica festival, The Alchemists of Our Time,  Bunker at Postcity, Linz (Aurelia 1+Hz / proto viva sonification)
Ars Electronica festival, The Alchemists of Our Time,  Bunker at Postcity, Linz (Time Displacement / Chemobrionic Garden)
Ars Electronica PRIX –  Cyber Arts 2016, OK im OÖ Kulturquartier (Aurelia 1+Hz / proto viva sonification)
Mladi levi, Bunker, Ljubljana (Subaquatic soundscape)
Videopoetika #3, Gallery Škuc, Ljubljana, Zavod Gulag
Videopoetika#2, Vodnikova domačija, Ljubljana, Zavod Gulag
Videopoetika #1, Layerjeva hiša, Kranj, Zavod Gulag
Device art trienalle, Eastern Bloc & KONTEJNER Montreal, Canada (Time Displacement – Chemobrionic Garden)
Fete01 2016 Recompilons le noyau, Labomedia, Orleans, France (Oceanosonification)
FM 88.8MHz, Radio Cona (Liquefying)
Cirkulacija2 et al. Access to Tools: PERFORMATIVE FAIR, Ljubljana
AND Fair: Abandon Normal Devices, Filodrammatica, Drugo More, Rijeka
SCREENING PROGRAMME, Crisis and New Beginnings, Art in Slovenia 2005-2015, at Museum of Contmporary Art Metelkova +MSUM (Bubble)
Aksioma Gallery, Project Atol Institute & Ljudmila, Ljubljana (Time Displacement  / Chemobrionic Garden)
Gruppo78, Casa della Musica,  Trieste (Aurelia 1+Hz / proto viva sonification)
Le Cube, Décalab, Paris (Aurelia 1+Hz / proto viva sonification)
Piksel Festival, S12 Galleri, Get A-Life!, Bergen
MIKK lab, MIKK Murska Sobota
MFRU & KIBLIX festival, Meribor, (Liquid Culture), by Aisen Caro Chacin & Robertina Šebjanič
MFRU & KIBLIX festival (Oscillatorium – Living systems oscillation)
Device_art 5.015, Klovičevi dvori, Kontejner, Zagreb (Aurelia 1+Hz / proto viva generator)
#MTFCentral – Music Tech Festival (echo)
Pif camp, Ljudmila,  Projekt Atol Institute (Oscillatorium – Living systems oscillation)
6PM Your Local Time Europe (Liquid sounding / resistance sensitive synth – BILAGA)
Polloop’15 – off perception, Zurich, (Eleonore reminiscence)
Gallery Rica Makarska (Underwater waves)
VORBRENNER, Freies Theather Innsbruck (INVASIVE SOUNDS)
RADAR! RIZOM // Cirkulacija 2, Ljubljana
The Museum of contemporary art of Vojvodina, Novi Sad, WonderLab, (Aurelia 1+Hz / proto viva generator and Aurelia 1+Hz / proto viva sonification) at Lieu Unique in Nantes, (Chthulucène, Aurelia 1+Hz / proto viva sonification)
RadioCona:ZimaFM, FM 88.8MHz Pritličje, Ljubljana, (Eleonore reminiscence)
Galerija Kapelica, Ljubljana (Aurelia 1+ Hz / proto viva generator)
SCCA. Ljubljana, Slovenija, (Deep Blue )
Gallery Kibla, Maribor (Invasive sound)
Touch me festival, Kontejner, Gallery Klovičevi dvori, Zagreb (echo 10-9 )
Piksel festival, Bergen,  (echo 10-9 )
Rencontres Bandits-Mages 2014, Bourges, (Hydra reminiscence)
Kiblix, Portal Kibla, Maribor (Invasive sound)
Stadtwerkstad & Ars Eletronica, on a ship MS Wissenschaft, Linz (Hydra reminiscence)
Art Meets Radical Openness Festival, Linz, Avstria (echo 10-9 )
HackteriaLab Yogyakarta, (Humalga)      
PORTIZMIR#3,Triennale of contemporary art  Tobacco Factory, Izmir, Turkey (Deep Blue)
BRDG #16, Antwerpen, (Displaced Walks)
Slovenian Museum of Natural History, Biobanka, Glasshouse Tivoli of the University Botanic Gardens, Gallery Kapelica,  (Humalga – Injection wet symposium)
Hackteria Lab Bangalore,  The National Centre for Biological Sciences NCBS and Shristy school of Arts, Bangalore (Humalga – Mikroinjection)
Strictly Analog, Ljudmila in Kreativni center Poligon (echo 10-9 )
Festival Sonica, Klub K4, Ljubljana,  (echo 10-9 )
Le Festival Accès(s) de Pau, (Humalga)
Kibla Portal,festival Kiblix/MFRU, Maribor (echo 10-9 )
Gallery Kapelica, Ljubljana (Humalga: Injection)
SCULPTURE TODAY: A New Renaissance and Transhumanism, Center for Contemporary Arts Celje, (Humalga)
Removed Together, MKC Split, Croatia
linea d’acqua, Trst, italia
Prima Center Berlin (PCB), Berlin (Break of Whiteness)
Gallery  SC, Zagreb, Croatia  (Break of Whiteness)
Diocletian’s Palace, Croatian Association of Artists Hulu Split, Croati (Break of Whiteness)
Hiperfasad, Cultural incubator MKC Maribor, (Bubble)
City gallery Ljubljana,  Powered by Ljudmila, Ljubljana
Maribor Art Gallery,  UGM, Maribor, Slovenija, (Pufination)
Netaudio London festival (MUTE – Short circuit festival) , Sonic Maze, Roundhouse, London,  (Pufination)
Gallery Murska Sobota, (Pufination)
M3C Festival , MMC Mikk, Murska Sobota, (Pufination)
KIBLIX festival, Kibla, Maribor, (Pufination)
Gallery Simulaker,  Novo Mesto, (TON_IQ)
Likovni salon Gallery, Celje, Slovenia (Futuro Autopoiesis)
Gallery Alaktraz, Ljubljana, Slovenia (Break of Whiteness)
Open studio, Maribor,
MFRU+Kiblix festival, Maribor, Slovenia
Contacts of Spaces, Images of Bodies, Telebody interface, Dance Theatre Ljubljana (PTL), festival Medukrep – Ukrep, Slovenia
HEP 2010 Human emotion project, FACE INSTALLATION – Portugal 2010 (Bubble)
MMC Pina, Koper
Gallery KiBela, Kibla multimedia centre Maribor, (Three electromagnetic habitats)
Limited Access, Azad Gallery Tehran – Parkingallery, Tehran
DEVICE_ART 3.009/ Zagreb, Croatia (Pufination)
Liwoli 2009 – hacklab for art and open source, Kunstuniversitat Linz, (Pufination)
DIVA Station (SCCA Slovenia) selected video program from 1983 to 2007:: Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria (Brucknerhaus, History Lounge)//Gallery ŠKUC, Ljubljana Slovenia//AKC Metelkova mesto, Klub Gromka, Ljubljana 
HEP 2009 Human emotion project, screenings of video art at varius locations:: Portuguese Bookshop Gallery 葡萄牙書店畫廊, Macau, Macau
Formverk/ art zone eskilstuna/ Sweden, Ceramic Museum (State Museum) Facilities Garden,Caldas-da-Rainha, Portugal, Barcelona Club, Rome, Italy
Guildford Lane Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2008 SOLO EVENTS (EXHIBITIONS / AV PERFORMANCE):            Cyberpipe, Ljubljana, (Pufination)
Gallery Alaktraz, Ljubljana, (Bubble)
Gallery costiere Pirano, Gallery Herman Pečarič, Piran, (Connected by Signals)
SCCA Ljubljana, No nails no pedestals, (Pufination)
Premiere 17,  The Gallery of Contemporary Art, Celje, ‘Bubble)
Gallery Time, Europaischer dialog, Vienna
“Anina zbirka”” Teatre´s za voglom” Pekarna, EX – garage sonda, Maribor
“Hacktopia” HAIP – 3rd International Multimedia Festival of Open
Technologies, Gallery Vzigalica, Ljubljana (Pufination)
The Museum of contemporary art of Vojvodina in Novi Sad,„The Body of light“  (Bubble)
“Utopia” Paraflows 08, MAK Vienna (Pufination)
Incontri / Confronti, Manifesta 7, Trento, Italy
One minute selection, World expo Bejing (Bubble)
Gallery ŠKUC, Ljubljana, (Ultrea)
A-M-B-E-R 07, Istanbul, (Pufination)
Gallery Lädan, Gotheburg Bienale, Gotheburg, (Bubble)
„Vsak človek je lahko kustos/ Every man is a curator / Jeder Mensch ist ein Kurator”, The Modern Gallery Ljubljana,  (Urban accessorist)
LabSus: „Osebno – Osobno“, City gallery Labin, (Bubble)
„Venetian, atmospheric“ from Tobias Putrih, 52nd International art exhibition La bienale di Venecija, Slovenian paviljon, presentation of Slovenian video production: “Digital – analog”, Venice
Videorats-electric rats dream video dreams – video festival, Celje, (Niro)
Wood sculptures, Körmend, Hungary
Gallery Alkatraz, Ljubljana, (City Interspace)
ShopWindow Gallery ( Kranj Student association and The Blue Circle association), Kranj, The (Mass of hovering water)
URBActions, Palazzo Cappello Venexia , Venice, Italy
„Prostor mesta“, Gallery Kresija, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Odprti Rog_Open Rog, “The Cocon´s”,Tovarna Rog site specific exhibition, organised by World of art SCCA Ljubljana,
Pogovarjanja / Conversations / Conversas, Group TEMP, ŠKUC Gallery, Ljubljana,
Eyedentify Yourself, presentation of video selection of Slovenian video production, Gallery Sparwasser HQ, Berlin
12 MFRU international festival of computer art’s, Ljubljana
Videowall, gallery Meduza, Obalne gallerys Piran, Koper
Feeast – Festival of Central and Eastern European Theatre, Riverside Studios, London, 3nd , EuropeanArtStudentsDigitalWorks, Famul Stuart, Ljubljana,
Festival DOKMA, Maribor
Youth Cultural Centre Kranj
festival NATURE 2, Bežigrad Gallery 2, Ljubljana
„Project Metelkova“, Alkatraz Gallery, Ljubljana
“On spot” , gallery Celica, Hostel Celica, Ljubljana
11 MFRU,international festival of computer art, Maribor
Cinema Island festival, Cinema on the beach, Izola
Public space intervention- action of group TEMP, Ljubljana 2nd , EuropeanArtStudentsDigitalWorks, Famul Stuart, Ljubljana,
OSAMELCI 1:2:6:2 1 // SOLITARY HILLS 1:2:6:2 1, public memorial (50 years of London Memorabelia), Lucija
Ljubljana Castle at 10.years of Famul Stuart school, Ljubljana
„The Cell“ Gallery Hostel Cell, Famul Stuart school, Ljubjana
„SOUND“, Academy of Music, Ljubljana
Earth, Tree, Iron and the Two of Us, exhibition of the four, Media Nox Gallery, Maribor
stone sculpture “Retro Venus”, Hortus Niger summer school, Halberain
Academy of fine arts in Ljubljana Student exhibition, The Pretor Pallace, Koper
Displaced body by, Jelena Milovanović and Milan Tomašik – dance show// Dance and Choreography: Jelena Milovanović, Milan Tomášik// Dramaturgy: Samo Gosarič // Video: Vesna Krebs, Robertina Šebjanič // Music: Simon Bergoč // Costumes: Tanja Devetak
Ugly Duckling, by H.C.Andersen, Sentjakobsko Theatre Ljubljana, director: Dejan Spasić, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Knives in Hens, by David Harrower; in cooperation with AGRFT, director Uroš Nikolič, Šentjakob’s Theatre, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Closed Doors , by J.P. Sartre; in cooperation with AGRFT, director Uroš Nikolič, Culture centre Ivan
Cankar, Ljubljana, Slovenia