Hydra reminiscence

Hydra reminiscence

The sound performance features sound transmitted live as generated by Hydra, an immortal freshwater microscopic polip, mixed with the sound recordings, the archive of the time reminiscence, collected during time that body of Hydra is regenerating and the sound of the water recording of a Donau in Linz. Field recordings and the live sound are establishing a new soundscape.

The sound performance Hydra reminiscence, was developed in the context of the principles of DIY biology art by the Hackteria network (free software and hardware, mobile lab, bio tech) and with a Theremidi Orchestra device – Micronoise.

Hydra reminiscence2

Context and inspiration:

The human life expectancy almost doubled during the last century while we attempt to solve the limitations of our bodies with the regenerative medicine whose research is lately focused on biologically immortal animals. We study their cells and proteins with the hope to acquire their properties via “biotech download” in our cells.

While much effort has been spent trying to prolong life itself, it is important to understand the quality of an extended life. Biological life forms are inseparable from their restrictions which we have not yet managed to fully understand.

Hydra reminiscence4photos by Pascal Vanneau, Rencontres Bandits-Mages, November 2014


Sound performance Hydra reminiscence was developed during a residency of Robertina Šebjanič “The WET” at Eleonore, Stadtwerkstatt as part of residency and event “The Soft, the Hard and the Wet”, curated by Shu Lea Chang, at the Ars Electronica festival with MS WissenschaftSeptember 2014

the wet - ars eletronica+stadtwerkstadtt The Wet - The Wet - MS Wissenschaft :: Stadtwerkstadtt + Ars eletronica 1907420_10152205031492820_211547478288068969_n 10610491_10152205038367820_2179553612428071777_n10636111_10152187334217820_8417174860223465670_n 1926942_10152187332187820_4107539339288642897_n10574225_10152187310352820_4592016320634435228_n 10568811_10152205018847820_5802089948238255254_n 16311_10152205013612820_8181506303458606088_n hydra : observations of the behavior



Production: EleonoreStadtwerkstatt, 2014