Deep blue

Deep blue

deep blue jellyfish deep blue jellyfish, drawing by Cansu Çakar


The sea exists within contradictory concepts in human culture; powerful but serene, beautiful but terrifying. While it is the gentle background of our lives in Izmir, it is the foreground of DEEP BLUE.

What started as  individualized sets of knowledge from artists and scientists became an active ground for debates, experiments and research trips. The point of departure was to explore the sea using all five senses. After six weeks of collaborative research, the team found entirely new ways of engaging with the Izmir bay. The resulting installation of synthesized experiences includes a special edition of salted chocolate, article about jellyfish (Aurelia Aurita), coastal area photography, visual records of seismic and sonic maps, and microscopic and underwater recordings.

More about the project: DEEP BLUE PORTIYMIR#3 

DEEP BLUE-PORTIZMIR3 - photo by Mutlu Kurtbas 05 DEEP BLUE-PORTIZMIR3 - photo by Mutlu Kurtbas 02 DEEP BLUE-PORTIZMIR3 - photo by Mutlu Kurtbas 01 DEEP BLUE-PORTIZMIR3 - photo by Mutlu Kurtbas 00 DEEP BLUE-PORTIZMIR3 - photo by Mutlu Kurtbas 07 DEEP BLUE-PORTIZMIR3 - photo by Mutlu Kurtbas 06

Deep blue team:

Robertina Šebjanič (artist, researcher and leading conceptualist/methodolog of the group)

Assoc.Prof.Dr Guzel Yucel Gier ( scientific consultant)

M. Sc. Betül Bardakcı (biologist / leading science researcher of the group)

Süleyman Duman (artist, photographer)

Research Assitant. Can EYTEMİZ (geophysical engineer)

Onur Koc (artist – photographer and video documentation)

Mutlu Kurtbas (artist – underwater video and photos)

Uğur Engin Deniz (new media artist – video mapping)

Cansu Çakar (artist – drawing)


Derin Deniz – Panel / Deep Blue – Panel Discussion

Date: Thursday, 22 May at 5 pm

Location: PORTIZMIR3, Turk – Austro Tobacco Warehouse

The panel discussion presented a different point’s of view on the topic of the collaborative research inside of the field of art and science. As the Field Works in the frame of PORTIZMIR3, were created in order to show how strategies and tactics that artists develop within their practices, we can say that this is representing a valuable contribution to a change in thought and lead to changes in the prevailing general modus operandi in shifting into the area of collaborative research in the science and arts practice.

Annick Bureaud (FR)
ART – SCIENCE: Which Collaborations?
We are witnessing a renewed interest in science based art and further, in Art-
Science collaborations. This presentation will detail various examples and
case studies spanning different scientific fields, art practices and collaboration
modalities. It will be argued that artists-scientists collaborations are one of the
tools to the building of today’s narratives.

Saša Nabergoj (SI)
Introduction of potentials of synergetic collaborations between contemporary art practices and science based on case study of PORTIZMIR3.

Assoc.Prof.Dr Guzel Yucel Gier (TR)
Usage of Izmir bay by multi stakeholder and relation with scientific research.

Robertina Šebjanič (SI)
Presentation the the Deep Blue field work, about the context and methodology of collaborative work.

M. Sc. Betül Bardakcı (TR)
Presentation of the scientific part of the Deep Blue field work.

Uğur Engin Deniz (TR)
The execution of the complex research into the visualisation.

Active audience:
Rene Rusjan (SI), Boštjan Potokar (SI), Cansu Çakar (TR), Mutlu Kurtbas(TR), Onur Koc (TR), Can Eytemiz (TR), Süleyman Duman (TR)

Special thanks to:

Aysegul Kurtel and Ezgi Ceren Kayırıcı



PORTIZMIR#3, Deep blue team, triennial of contemporary art Izmir

Chief Curator:  Saša Nabergoj

Founder, Director: Aysegul Kurtel 

K2, Izmir, 2014


Special thanks to:

Ipeksi Tatlar – Ipek Yatmaz (chocolate execution),

Institute of Marine science and tehnologies,

Çağıl Şeker (sound master & mixing)

Heather Layton (text revision and proofreading)

Ertugrul, Etem, Saša, Aysegul, Ceren