Robertina Sebjanic - Aurelia 1+Hz

Robertina Šebjanič /based in Ljubljana/ is working in the cross field of art – technology – science. 

Her art – research focus is since several years oriented towards the project developed in the field of Living systems (bio-art), AV performances, noise/sound art, installations and interactive ambiental responsive immersive environments.
The context for her ideas and concepts is often realized in collaboration with other authors (artist, scientist, humanist, makers, hackers…), and through interdisciplinary and informal integration embodies in her work.

Robertina is member of  Theremidi orchestra and Hackteria Network

She was awarded an Honorary Mention @Prix Ars Electronica 2016 Interactive Art+  for the project  Aurelia 1+Hz / proto viva sonificationnomination for STARTS2016  for the project Time displacement /Chemobrionic garden and nomination for the White Aphroid award for the project Aquatocene / Subaquatic quest for serenity. She is part of SHAPE platform artist 2017 . In 2007 Robertina got award of Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana.

She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana (SI),Famul Stuart School of Applied Arts in Ljubljana (SI) as well as at the Valand School of Fine Arts in Gothenburg (SE).

Robertina is internationally exhibited artist. She performed / presented / exhibited at solo and group exhibitions as well as in gallery’s,  biennials, triennials and festivals:
Ars electronica Linz, Le Cube & Decalab_Paris, Eastern Bloc Montreal, Art Laboratory Berlin, Mladi Levi Bunker Ljubljana, Ms Wissenschaft and  Stadtwerkstatt_Linz, Pixel festival_Bergen, Device art 5.015 – Kontejner at Klovičevi dvori_Zagreb,  Rencontres at Bandits-Mages_Bourgers,  Touch me festival by Kontajner at Klovičevi dvori_Zagreb, Eyebeam & CT-SWaM_New York, PORTIZMIR#3 -Triennale of contemporary art_ Izmir, AMRO festival_ Linz, Kiblix festival_Maribor, Gallery Kapelica_Ljubljana, Prima Gallery_Berlin, Paraflows festival_Vienna, Liwoli festival_Linz, Gallery SC_Zagreb, Netaudio festival_London, Likovni salon Gallery_Celje, Gallery Akatraz_Ljubljana, Haip festival_Ljubljana, Amber festival_Istanbul, The Museum of contemporary art of Vojvodina_Novi Sad, Gallery KiBela-Kibla_Maribor, SCCA_Ljubljana, Pixel festival_Bergen, Škuc Gallery_Ljubjana, City Art Gallery_Ljubljana, +MSUM_U3, 7th Triennial of Contemporary Art in Slovenia_Ljubljana, Device_Art 3.009_Zagreb, Diocletian Palace Substations, at Croatian Visual Artist Association_Split etc..


2017  residency at Arte+Ciencia at UNAM, lead by María Antonia González Valerio with assistance of Roberto Rojas Madrid, development of the project Lygophilia / Transfixed gaze

2017 micro residency Critical Tourism 2: Aquatocene / Escaping Sound Pollution by Annick Bureaud and Robertina Sebjanic  at grey area . siva zona

2016 she was resident at art – science research residency at  Station biologiue de Roscoff – Roscoff Marine Station, organized by PING and curated by Ewen Chardronnet.

2014 Robertina was a resident and a leading conceptualist/methodolog of the field work Deep Blue in Izmir, Turkey within the Triennial of Contemporary Art PORTIZMIR3, curated by Saša Nabergoj.

2014 she was resident in the residency programme “The Soft, the Hard and the Wet” at Eleonore, Stadtwerkstatt curated by Shu Lea Cheang.

In 2013, Robertina was part of organization team and participant of HackteriaLab Bangalore. In 2014 she participated at HacteriaLab Yogyakarta.

Her video works are part of several video collections, among them of  Station DIVA presents (a historical overview – 15 works of Slovenian video art ), Videospotting , One minute video, HEP (Human Emotion Project from 2009 onwards), etc.

She was a member of an informal group TEMP and member of the board of editors of Pojmovnika slovenske umetnosti po letu 1945 / The Glossary of Slovene Art from 1945.

In 2012 she organized Interactivos?’12 Ljubljana: Obsolete Technologies of the Future at LJUDMILA digital media lab in Ljubljana, where she was between 2008 and 2012  programme manager. Between January 2013 till July 2014 she was working as a mission and programme developer at KSEVT – Cultural Centre of European Space Technologies.




e-mail: robertina.sebjanic(at)











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Robertina Sebjanic by Bostjan Lah Robertina Sebjanic




Robertina Sebjanic photo by Uroš Abram made for Mladina magazin, for article - creative portraits & text by Petra Tihole

Robertina Sebjanic photo by Uroš Abram made for Mladina magazin, for article – creative portraits & text by Petra Tihole