Dark drops (Lygophilia) ||| Črne Kaplje (Ligofilija)

Dark Drops / Črne Kaplje [slovensko besedilo ⇊⇊] The Dark Drops are series of works initiated by artist Robertina Šebjanič, that (re)interpret the environment of subterranean caves where time and space defy human perception. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ DARK DROPS (LYGOPHILIA) By Robertina Šebjanič audio composition, vinyl record, (23 min 2017 / 2018) http://robertina.net/dark-drops/ https://robertina.bandcamp.com/track/dark-drops-lygophilia Drops that resonate in the … Continue reading Dark drops (Lygophilia) ||| Črne Kaplje (Ligofilija)